Thursday, October 14, 2010

Job-Hunting 101: Academic Style

Underneath the good cheer is a very queasy stomach.
To all the 2010-11 academic job seekers out there: Are you scrambling to put together last-minute applications for tenure-track job openings in your field? Is this your first year on the market, or have you already had several unsuccessful trips on the job market merry-go-round and are now feeling dispirited and perhaps sick to your stomach as a result? Wouldn't it be great to follow a simple and straightforward checklist, approved by search committees everywhere, when applying for tenure-track jobs?

Luckily, my newest Inside Higher Ed column "Standing Out from Herd" was not only written with the stressed-out, overwhelmed job seeker in mind but was also rubber stamped by various search committee members.

Here's a taste:

"Congratulations! Whether you’re a Ph.D., or A.B.D., in the humanities, social sciences, or a STEM field, the launch of another academic job market cycle is officially upon us. Now what? Let’s say you’ve scanned the job advertisements and found a handful of 2010-11 tenure-track job openings for which you feel qualified to submit an application. In the current climate of limited tenure-stream openings, large and talented applicant pools, and both rising and employed academic “stars” now setting their sights on mid-tier and teaching-intensive colleges and universities, how can you, a strong but perhaps not stellar job candidate, stand out from the herd? Do you have what it takes to compete this season?

I’d like to offer my fellow tenure-track job seekers a quick brush-up on the academic job application process in the form of a top 10 list – arranged in order of importance. Keeping in mind that application deadlines are looming, my advice is to get started on these tips ASAP."

If you're in need of guidance, or would just like a bit of reassurance, feel free to read the top 10 tips here:


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Thanks for these tips. I have been sending applications to different employers and fortunately, half of them sent interview invites.

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