Friday, August 27, 2010

Social networking is apparently a must

Social networking is really a must in the 21st century. From employment leads and freelance opportunities to meeting new and interesting people, some of whom may even prove indispensable in one's job search, finding employment these days is nearly impossible without an extensive online network to tap into.

Sending out a resume--cold--just doesn't seem to cut it anymore, particularly for writing/editorial and new media jobs. Employers are looking for people who are tech savvy and understand new social and cultural trends. Many job advertisements now specify an intimate knowledge of social networking (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) as part and parcel of the entry-level requirements. So for those of you out there who, like me, have in many respects remained trapped in the 20th century, it is time to graduate to century 21. It's time to get networking . . .

*With this in mind, I've recently conquered my fear of 24-7 online exposure and have (finally) joined Facebook. Want to be my "friend"? You can find me listed under Eliza Woolf.

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