Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer break

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I've proven a relatively poor blogger thus far and I am blame the summer. Well, actually, I blame my extensive international travels this summer. It's been a busy few months; I've been constantly on the go while simultaneously waiting for the new 2010-11 academic job season to begin.

 . . . And I'm still waiting.

The problem is that in my obscure historical field there are hardly any tenure-track job openings at present anywhere in the world. I'm pretty flexible and yet my "apply for" file remains shockingly slim. Some of my job-seeking friends believe that things will pick up over the next couple of months, but I have my doubts. Last year there were WAY more relevant job ads at this point in the hiring cycle. My sense is that the pickings will be slim indeed this year.

I've had my Ph.D. now for 2 years and I've heard that the average path to a TT job takes 3-4 years. With the market the way it is now, however, it may be even longer. How long am I really prepared to look for academic work? Conversely, when will I know enough is enough? How committed am I to this so-called career path? Are there other professional paths that would make me happy as well? How can I find out?These are the questions occupying my mind 24-7.

I feel like I'm trapped in an endless labyrinth with no way out. Where is Theseus when you need him?

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