Monday, May 10, 2010

New Column Debut: May 17th 2010

It's official, the new "On the Fence" column will be up and running beginning May 17th. I look forward to working with the folks over at Inside Higher Ed and answering queries from readers. I especially hope to receive personal stories and anecdotes from doctoral students and recent Ph.D.'s who are currently on the market. Drop me a line anytime at

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Useful sites: Leaving Academe

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For those of us looking for a quick EXIT, or simply seeking to explore career options outside academe, here are a few useful American and British websites, blogs, and online communities offering guidance on how to
A) take the leap of faith required to escape the ivory tower (dignity intact)
B) develop several pragmatic plan Bs along the way:

Happy browsing.

Introducing a new column!

In the near future I will be launching a bi-monthly careers column on Inside Higher Ed, "On the Fence," in which I will explore the manifold reasons why it is so hard to simply walk away from the ivory tower . . . even during an academic apocalypse. I'll also be taking a look at the steps Ph.D.s and A.B.D.s can take to begin pursuing a plan B.

This blog will serve as a supplement to the column; a place to get my creative juices flowing and explore ideas for future articles; and a place to be myself. I'll be posting links to relevant websites, columns, and articles about staying in the ivory tower, applying for jobs, leaving academia, and managing a dual job search in both academic and non-academic markets.

Look out of for the column soon to be appearing on