Thursday, October 28, 2010

Diversifying the (white) Academy: A Brief Film

OK, so I was inspired to make this (PG rated) short, admittedly ridiculous parody cartoon about academic diversity by the person who made the "So you want to get a PhD in the Humanities?" clip. I enjoyed laughing at her silly, yet poignant, little film so much that I wanted to try it out myself. That the online movie making process is now easy enough for a true novice like me to produce something in about 30 minutes it pretty amazing.

Anyway, it was an experiment and a lot of fun to make, and it didn't take very long either, which is probably clear in the final product. And, yes, both of my characters do sound an awful lot like Stephen Hawkings (with no offense intended to SH.) In the process of making it last night, I think I amused myself more than anything.

If any other A.B.D.s and/or Ph.D.s out there make more short, crazy films to blow off steam and revel in some comic relief, please send the clips my way! I'll be happy to post more high-quality films here once I give them a look. We could all use a few laughs now and then . . .


Michael said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
E.W. said...

Oh you deleted the link? I saw the comment before it was deleted. Anyway, thanks for the political science video clip. (Here it is)

I'm about to check it out.

NB: Jesus, this poli sci. video has been viewed over 10,000 times already. How do these things get around so fast? Mine is creeping along like a slug . . . Maybe I'm not so good at self-promotion.

Caroline said...

Ah, personal branding runs wild in the Ivory Tower, huh? I really love that computer voice. I think that the flat tones of the voices give the zingers in your movie even more dry wit! Are you going to make any more? Please do!

E.W. said...

Thanks, Caroline! I think the computer voices are funny too. Not sure I'll be making any more videos for a while. Must wait until the mood strikes. . .
But if you or anyone you know (hint hint) decides to test the waters yourself, please send me the clip(s)!

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