Friday, September 24, 2010

Careers in Corporate Communications

Interested in transitioning from the ivory tower to Wall Street? Think the reading, writing, and analytical skills you acquired in graduate school, and perhaps beyond, would work well in a high pressure (but well paid) corporate setting? Sick of living in your parent's basement or a dull, dumpy, isolated college town!?

Then check out my latest Inside Higher Ed "On the Fence" column: From Academe to Wall Street.  In this piece, I chat with "Sally White," a former medieval professor turned Wall Street writer and novelist who successfully transitioned out of academe in the 1980s. Sally has not only had a fascinating career, she also has many useful and specific pearls of wisdom to share with Ph.D.s considering non-academic employment options, especially in the private sector.

Comments and questions about the interview are welcome and will be read by both Sally and myself!

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WorstProfEver said...

Enjoyed the interview and left a question. Also, for future columns, I might know someone in tech -- he got a history PhD but is now doing database stuff. I can contact him if you'd like and ask if he'd be interested.