Thursday, September 23, 2010

Off Subject: A Light Hearted Antidote to the Tea Partiers

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Off Subject
Tired of all the Tea Party "take back America" hype? Feel sick to your stomach when you hear statements like the following by Sarah Palin, Queen Tea Partier, on Fox News: "I would offer myself up in the name of service to the public and run for President in 2012 if nobody else wanted to step up." Desperately need a laugh (and maybe even a new T-shirt) because the Tea Partiers have got you down?

Why not drop by the I'm Voting Tea Party website @ and pick up a T-shirt designed by Jeremy Kalgreen. I'm partial to the "Obama Won't Let Me Hunt the Homeless for Sport" T in navy but also think the "Obama Won't Force Muslims to Worship Jesus" T in chocolate brown is pretty good as well. It's a tough call, really; perhaps go for both? ("Obama Won't Nuke Canada" is also a gem.)

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*NB: I am in no way affiliated with, nor do I benefit from, the I'm Voting Tea Party website and its products, other than feeling vicarious glee when anyone sticks it to the Tea Party.

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