Friday, September 17, 2010

Writing a Column: My Guest Post at The Urban Muse

Today I'm guest blogging at The Urban Muse, Susan Johnston's popular website for freelance writers, on the following topic: "How to Land Your Own Online Column."

Here's a brief taste:
"Many freelance writers dream of becoming a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly columnist for a major online publication. As a columnist, the work is steady, you have a built-in audience, and, depending on the focus of the column, you’re essentially expected—and paid—to write first-person opinion pieces. The column becomes, over time, an individualized public meditation, a series of related articles showcasing your personal viewpoint on a particular subject. Done well, a regular column will accrue a dedicated readership (and keep you steadily employed).

What more could a non-fiction author ask for?"

But things are, of course, not always as simple as they seem!

Check out the rest of the guest post, and my pointers for pitching a column, here:

From The Urban Muse website


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